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Desiccant grade activated alumina is a highly porous form of aluminium oxide.
It has the appearance of white chalky beads'
This high capacity desiccant is primarily used for air and gas drying, where high water
adsorption capacity combined with excellent mechanical properties are required.

Available in 2 - 5 mm or 4 - 8 mm beaded forms, available pack sizes include:

160 kg, 30 kg and 25 kg kegs
25 kg and 20 kg carton

12½ kg, 4 kg and 1 kg poly-tins

1 kg foil packs

Or we can pack to customer's requirements - please ask.


Activated carbon is a granular coconut shell carbon suitable for various air and water treatments.
Our main customers are divers, often buying it with 13X (10A) molecular sieve.
With a low bulk density, pack sizes are 2.5 kg, 7.5 kg and 15 kg.

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